• Name:Faiza Sultan
  • vp@gccm.edu.pk

  • MSC in Clinical Psychology

    Bachelor in Eduction
    Diploma in MMT Microsoft
    innovative Eduction (MIE)
    & Trainer with over 20 Years of
    Experince Working as Teacher,
    traning coordinator and head
    of different Schools in Private,
    Public Sector as well as
    Armed Force Institution.

I welcome the site visitors to see glimpses of life at GCCM. Here we provide our cadets a safe, secure and intellectually challenging learning environment. Their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & moral faculties of mind are well looked after and they are groomed to meet the challenges of 21st Century.

We take these young cadets as gems of our nation and bestowed with the responsibility of carving and polishing them so they shine bright wherever they go in pursuit of excellence. This process ‘includes the following strategic goals set for directing staff as well as for the cadets:-We believe that effective teaching practice is based upon development of 4 Learning skills. Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication amongst the cadets. The role teachers is facilitators learning hence they are termed as ‘Directing Staff’ or DS. Students are termed as “Lady Cadets” and they are provided direct & indirect learning opportunities 24/7 at campus.At GCCM, teaching and learning is not limited to Hall of Studies only. It is a process that continues while interacting with each other, with the staff on duty, in the playground, at hostel and also on excursion cum educational visits. We encourage cadets to ask questions, work out possibilities, and solve problems.General Discipline and moral values are inculcated through internal discipline policy in their daily routine. They are made aware of their civic and human responsibilities through leadership training, seminars, discussions, videos presentation and above all the administration and faculty’s personal examples. As a result, we foresee many aspiring and promising young leaders emerging out of 1s batch of GCCM.

The administration is making an effort in supporting and guiding these lady cadets to actualize their dreams. We appreciate the parents greatly for investing in their daughters which would inevitably be a great contribution to a prosperous future of Pakistan In Sha Allah.

Faiza Sultan
Vice Principal